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4x4 Recovery Kit   Compact Kinetic
4x4 Recovery Kit   Compact Kinetic 4x4 Recovery Kit   Compact Kinetic
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» Kinetic Tow Strap

Cod. Articolo: XKC753250E

 4x4 Recovery Kit
Compact Kinetic

4x4 Compact Kinetic recovery kit, consisting of: 1 pure elastic 12% nylon belt with a load of up to 12,000 kg from 8 m; 2 quick-fit shackles with a nominal capacity of 3250 kg (breaking point 19500 kg); Xtreme bag in TNT. For vehicles up to 3.0 T

Availability: STOCK ITEM

List price 73,70 € + VAT
Discount 24.97%
Discounted 55,30 € + VAT

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